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Venus Swan

A proven Hollywood Secret : The Venus Swan is a device used to treat wrinkles, rhytides, reduce cellulite, reduce circumferential fat, and tighten skin. Using our technology, this device delivers multi-polar radio frequency to the skin to produce a dense and uniform heat matrix. This causes collagen synthesis and contraction, fibroblast proliferation, and lipolysis.
Get all those troubled areas : This treatment is ideal for the face, neck and the entire body. Do you have a trouble zone where you just dont seem to be able to tone that fatty region away? Maybe you’ve been looking smooth some uneven skin. Venus Swans patented technology has become the non-surgical industry standard for getting that smooth skin you’ve always been looking for.
Even toned fat reduced skin : Tighter Skin, softening of wrinkles, plumper, fuller and more youthful appearance, reduced cellulite and a more contoured silhouette. (bulleted?)
The venus technology is a fined tuned already proven system : Radio frequency has been used in medicine for many years and is a proven, safe and effective technology. Your treatment provider will review your medical history and your aesthetic goals to see if the Venus Swan is the right treatment for you.
Everybody is a little different : The number of treatments required will vary from patient to patient, but typically, 6 treatments for the face and neck and 8 for the body. Obviously following your custom tailored nutrition and excercies regiment will improve results.
Squeeze treatments in at anytime: There is no downtime at all and a treatment to one area takes less than 30 minutes
Professionally trained technitions identify your trouble areas and create specifially tailored plans catered to your unique needs. In comparison to the irreversible risks taken with a surgical approach, not to mention the costs and down time necessary, The Venus Swan system is a proven system that actively breaks down uneven fat layers and promotes dermal rejuvination resulting in visibly smoother skin. With no risk to your health its a responsiblity to yourself to explore this option before anything else. Speaking to one of our Venus Specialists will get you on the right track, get your free consultation today and maybe even qualify for a price reduction!

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One Treatment
$350 session
  • Per session Pricing
  • Great for those visiting Victoria & wish to continue their Sessions
  • Call one of our licensed Venus Specialists today!
Three Treatments
$280 session
  • Price offered for booking at least 3 sessions
  • Great for Skin Tightening & Dermal Rejuvination
  • Beginning of visible wrinkle reduction*
Six Treatments
$225 session
  • Price offered for booking at least 6 sessions
  • Leaving you with a visibly younger look
  • Skin feels tighter & healthier