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Safra has Moved to 797 Tyee Rd!

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Face Care

Services that literally make you look younger and refreshed

safra day spa waxing


A comfortable professional you can call your own is just a phone call away

Body Care

From Wraps To Massages, Relaxation never felt so healthy

eyelash extensions

Eye Lash Extensions

Beautiful Lashes never looked more natural.  Each one carefully chosen and placed

Hands & Feet

Either beautifully simple or an artistic expression of yourself, your hands will never look better.

safra day spa skin master microdermabrasion

Skin Master

An industry leader for Acne, Rosacea & Hyperpigmentation

Venus Swan

The industry best in non surgical Body contouring

safra day spa permanent makeup makeup application

Makeup & Permanent Makeup Application

Book an appointment for Free with one of our cosmetics specialists for a free consultation

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